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Why three languages? Warum drei Sprachen? Varför tre språk?


Why three languages?

There are several reasons why I will write this blog in three different languages.

The first and most important reason is this:

I first had the idea for a blog about 12 years ago, but I couldn't decide which language to write in and that stopped me from writing a blog for many years.

I was writing, but I wasn't publishing anything. There were too many thoughts in my head telling me what I should do, instead of what I want to do, or what I need.

At the moment I am slowly getting closer to what I want/need to do - for myself, for my well-being, for my mental health. Not necessarily or not only for my work (you can read about my work here: ).

Why English?

It would of course make a lot of sense for me to write my blog only in German. I live and work in Germany, my colleagues and my "customers" (my audience, my readers, my people, I'm not quite sure what to really call you, it depends on which part of me is speaking...) are obviously primarily German. In terms of work and working on my "online visibility" that would certainly be the best. But German is not my native language. I have been living in Germany for over twenty years now, but I still can't speak and write the language completely correctly, I still make a lot of mistakes. It's a very difficult language - even the Germans themselves often make mistakes!

Yes, it's true that I'm pretty good at German, but I'm still far from perfect. But I have a very strong desire to be perfect in German, much stronger than my desire to be correct in English or Swedish, my mother tongue.

A Swede in Germany

Why don't I write a blog only in Swedish? Well, I hardly speak Swedish, I have spent more than half of my life outside my home country Sweden. I think more in German and English than in Swedish (I think, but mind you, I have no means of measuring it...).

So, that's why I prefer to write the way I think: in three different languages. I should probably add that I also speak and write Danish, but that's much less than I used to, so let's stick with three languages for now.

And it should be mentioned: I can't write perfectly in Swedish either, but I think we can all cope with that!

Here we go! I will write this and that about my work and my life as a Swede in Germany. I will write about my theater work and about everything that comes to mind.

Stay tuned!

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