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(A work in progress…)


Here I will write a really great text where I will prove what a great actress / performer / director / theater educator / theater maker / theater director and teacher I am. And then there will probably be a great “about me” video where I speak in 4 different languages and show everything I can do: sing and paint and blow soapbubbles…

and then…  


Yes, that will look great.. So check back again, right? And until then you can watch an old version of my vita and stuff here. 


Just click here 


The website is still under construction. There will be more text in English soon on this website! 

In autumn/winter 2023 I was working as an actress in the production
THE PUNCH (Theater an der Glocksee).
You can find more information about it here:
And I worked at Theater Wrede in Oldenburg again. In November we had the premiere of "Ziggi Sternenstaub":
 And this is always UP TO DATE (My children's theatre). 
Theater bag - mobile theater:

Die neusten Blogartikel:

Die Webseite befindet sich noch im Aufbau. Ich bitte um noch etwas Geduld ;-)

There will be more text in english soon on this Website! 


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